We are currently working with traditional craft artisans in Mexico, Mali, Lesotho, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Morocco.  In Mali we work with a mud cloth workshop, a crochet and indigo dyeing cooperative, and a group of tailors in Bamako.  In Mexico we work with up to 5 different weaving cooperatives, an embroidery group, and a sewing workshop to create our clothing, accessories, and home decor.  We produce our raffia shoes in Morocco where we work with a group of 8-12 women who weave the raffia uppers for the shoes and a small team of men that make the soles.  It takes 1 woman 1 day to weave the raffia for a pair of shoes.  In Lesotho we work with a small leather shoe workshop, and two ladies who create our shearling slippers by hand.  In Peru we work with traditional weathers using locally sourced alpaca and wool fibers as well as a natural fiber group that weaves our straw pillows. Our newest artisan partners hail from the Dominican Republic and Syria. In the Dominican Republic we are working with a group of ladies who use recycled plastic to make super chic tote bags in the brightest tropical hues.  Our work in Syria stems from Harper's desire to "help" the millions of displaced people from the 5+ year Syrian war.  She found a dynamic Syrian-American woman through a UN organization that has founded a group of internally displaced women in Damascus and has taught them basic crafts as a means of income and much needed community.  We have designed 3 custom colorways of their crochet bags which we are importing and selling through our site and to our wholesale customers.

We are always looking for new partners, new techniques, and materials to create our "ethnic-modern" designs.  Get in touch!

All of our artisan's wages are set by themselves. We are committed to providing consistent orders which equals consistent income.  Job creation is what drives us.  We believe our artisan partners know how to support themselves best and leave it up to them to use their profits as they see fit.