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Proud Mary is a GLOBAL EXPLORATION OF TEXTILES. It all started in 2008 when owner, Harper Poe returned from volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in South America. After falling deeply in love with the indigenous peoples and brightly colored textiles she decided to combine her passions into a sustainable design business spurring economic growth and promoting craft preservation. Proud Mary works with global artisans in the developing world to create its line of 'ethnic-modern' home decor, personal accessories, and wearables. By combining a modern design aesthetic with traditional methods of production Proud Mary bridges the gap between fair trade and on trend/fast fashion. 

Proud Mary can be found at select boutiques in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, online at ProudMary.org, or at our Charleston shop, 125 1/2 Spring Street!

Interested in consulting, sourcing, or product development within the artisan sector?  We have 9 years of experience collaborating with artisans, marketing, and selling traditionally crafted textiles, natural fibers, ceramics, and leather goods from Latin America and Africa and would love to share our knowledge with you! Email harper@proudmary.org.




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